NZSLTA Conference Grant

NZSLTA members are welcome to apply for a grant to support their costs to attend to the conference.

Please fill in this form and submit to NZSLTA Executive Committee.

Are you a current member?

1. How much do you need?


Terms and Conditions:

NZSLTA reserves the right to decide not to cover some or all the costs applied for in your request. All decisions are final.

If you receive funding from us and you do not attend the conference and you can not provide us with a reasonable reason, we may ask you to pay back the funding given to you.

If you have received funding from other sources, your funding from NZSLTA must only cover the shortfall.

Deadline: 20th March 2020.
We will let you know by 3rd April 2020.

Last updated: 27/2/2020