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All about arranging and teaching an NZSL Class

The Teaching an NZSL Class to learn about about NZSL class levels, curriculum, course outlines, lesson plans, homework, assessment and evaluation.  Check out our samples.

The Arranging an NZSL Class section has everything you need to know about organising a class, especially in the area of community education.  Get a copy of the NZSL teacher’s checklist.

Go to Private Tutoring to get information about arranging private lessons and teaching content.

Setting up a Class as a Business section explains how you can organise your own NZSL classes and make a budget.

Keen to set up an NZSL class? Wait, have you done the following two things?

  • Are you an NZSLTA member?
  • Have you done or are you currently doing the Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL course? Or equivalent training? See NZSLTA's Teacher Registration for information.

If you've ticked yes to both, then you're on your way to arranging an NZSL class.

Last updated: 25/9/2018