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Getting Registered with NZSLTA

NZSLTA has an NZSL Teacher Registration system. Registration is one way to show your commitment to NZSL teaching and professionalism.

Registration Categories

NZSLTA members approved this registration system at an NZSLTA biennial general meeting. This registration system was set up to assess and evaluate qualifications, to categorise NZSL tutors and teachers. There are three categories in the NZSL teacher registration system:

  • Non-Certified NZSL Tutor
  • Provisionally Qualified NZSL Tutor
  • Qualified NZSL Tutor

Here is a tutor registration form. This form has further information about these categories on page 3. This information shows how NZSLTA members can get registered through study and/or assessment on their teaching experience (hours of NZSL taught) and participation in professional development, courses, workshops and conferences.

How do I get registered?

First, you need to be a NZSLTA member. Then download the tutor registration form.

Fill it in, get all the supporting documents and email to [email protected]. Before you apply for registration, you will need to collect required supporting documents, such as:

  • Proof of professional development, courses, workshops and conferences attended (related to teaching NZSL to adults).
  • Hours of NZSL teaching. Ask your course coordinator to write a letter of proof.
  • Please refer to the application form (or online form) for further details.

If you're already registered as non-certified or provisional and want to move to qualified, you will need to update your application form, provide evidence (following RAP checklist) then email RAP at [email protected] Make sure you provide evidence of NZSLTA membership and number.

Who does the assessment?

NZSLTA has a Registration Advisory Panel (RAP). This panel has three members appointed by the NZSLTA. These three members evaluate qualifications, professional development, work experience and recommend the registry of members to specially appointed NZSLTA Executive Committee members.

When do I find out if I am registered?

The RAP meets three times a year. The deadline dates for 2018 are 31st January, 20th April, 29th June and 7th September. Submit your registration application before these deadline dates. NZSLTA members will either be notified through email or awarded the registration at the NZSLTA national conference. It will take up to two months for you to be informed as RAP members are all volunteers. There are plans to list those eligible for Provisionally Qualified or Qualified Tutor registration on TeachSign for the public.

Sharing Experiences

Watch these videos of NZSL teachers. They'll tell you how they got registered.

Last updated: 18/9/2018