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Getting Support

Want to ask questions?  Need information or advice? Get feedback on your teaching? See below for different ways to get support.


Contact the NZSLTA National Administrator if you have questions or need support with anything.

Local NZSL tutors branch

  • Attend your local NZSL tutors meeting to meet with others and share information.
  • Tutors Auckland Branch (TAB) represents the northern half of the North Island and Southern NZSL Tutors Branch (SNZSLTB) represents the South Island. Central NZSL Tutors represent the lower half of North Island.
  • If you live in a small town, you could organise a meeting with local NZSL teachers. If you are not sure about your local tutors branch, contact NZSLTA or ask other local teachers.

Local NZSL teachers

  • NZSLTA does not have a mentoring system for new NZSL teachers.
  • You can ask local NZSL teachers for information, advice and support.  Find someone you are comfortable with.

Video chat

  • Nearly everyone has video chat (e.g. Skype). Instead of asking a local NZSL teacher, you can always have a video chat with another NZSL teacher living in another town.
  • If you don't know anyone else teaching, a good way to meet people is at the Certificate in Deaf Studies course, NZSLTA's national conferences and workshops.

Facebook forums

  • There is a Facebook forum for NZSLTA members. It is not open to the public. With a keyboard, you can ask questions, share teaching ideas and give advice online, 24 hours, 7 days a week. This Facebook group is called "NZSL Teachers Hub". You can ask to join and the NZSLTA Administrator will check your membership status, before giving you permission to access.
  • NZSL Northern Branch and Central NZSL Teachers also have their own Facebook group pages. Just type their names on Facebook and make a request to join.

Dr Sign

Got a teaching issue? Need advice? Write a short letter to Dr Sign.  Dr Sign aims to reply within a week. Your letter will be published on the Dr Sign page. Your name will not be given.

Sharing Experiences

Watch these videos of NZSL teachers.  They'll tell you how they got support with their NZSL teaching.

Last updated: 18/9/2018