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Thinking about teaching NZSL?

NZSL teaching is an exciting and rewarding job. You will meet lots of people and raise the profile of NZSL in your area. Ask yourself the questions below and decide if NZSL teaching is for you.

  • Are you fluent in NZSL?
  • Are you involved with your local Deaf community?

If yes to both, then read on.

  • Do you relate well to people?
  • Do you have a warm personality and good attitude?
  • Are you good at listening and understanding people‚Äôs needs?
  • Do you like learning?
  • Are you motivated to study?
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Are you well organised?

If yes to almost all, click on the Getting Started section.

Sharing Experiences

Watch these videos of NZSL teachers. They'll tell you why they love teaching NZSL.

Last updated: 18/9/2018