Unit 1: Meeting and Greeting

Learning Outcomes

Learners will:

  • exchange greetings and make introductions
  • understand simple class instructions
  • learn about the use of facial expression in NZSL
  • learn to get, and give, eyegaze before signing
  • learn numbers 1-10
  • learn the fingerspelling alphabet, spell their own name, and ask for repetition


Expressive Practice

Is your class done with unit 1? Have you completed all homework tasks? By now, you should be able to express the following phrases in NZSL. Test yourself before peeking at these videos.

Self Assessment Checklist

  1. I know how to sign the vocabulary.
  2. I use the no-voice rule in the classroom.
  3. I have learned to use the correct handshapes and hand positions.
  4. I can exchange greetings and make introductions.
  5. I can follow and sign the numbers from 1 to 10.
  6. I understand the importance of eye contact.
  7. I know of various ways to get a person's attention.
  8. I know how to ask for repetition when I don't understand or missed something.
  9. I know how to use facial expression and head position to ask wh questions.
  10. I know how to nod my head with a sign to confirm the statement.
  11. I can understand simple classroom instructions.
  12. I have read "Learning New Zealand Sign Language".
  13. I have read "An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)".
Last updated: 17/12/2020