Unit 3: Needs and Wants

Learning Outcomes

Learners will:

  • name common food and drink items
  • make and respond to requests and offers for basic wants and needs
  • ask and tell locations of familiar objects and locations in the immediate environment
  • express likes and dislikes
  • understand basic signs about emergency exit procedures



Review these phrases covered in class.

Plain statements

Negated statements

Expressive Practice

Have you completed all homework tasks for this unit? By now, you should be able to express the following phrases in NZSL. Test yourself before peeking at these videos.

Self Assessment Checklist

  1. I know how to sign the vocabulary (drink, food, wants/needs, locations and emergency).
  2. I can ask and tell the locations of familiar objects and locations in the immediate environment.
  3. I can sign and ask for basic wants and/or needs.
  4. I can express and ask about likes and dislikes related to familiar objects.
  5. I can understand and reply to basic signs about emergency exit procedures.
  6. I can recognise and use negated statements.
  7. I can confirm basic information.
  8. I can sign commands, such as ‘tap on another’s shoulder’, ‘stand up’ or ‘sit down’.
  9. I know what the four parts of a sign are.
  10. I can follow and sign the numbers from 21 to 50.


Be sure to remember all the signs and phrases you have learned from this unit before you do the quizzes. Watch each video and answer multi-choice questions to the best of your ability.

Unit 3: Drink

Unit 3: Class party

Unit 3: Emergency instructions

Last updated: 10/4/2021