NZSL Level Two Homework

Welcome to TeachSign’s homework site for NZSL students. By now, you’ll have started your first NZSL class. These pages will help you to review what have been covered in class.


The following people worked on NZSL Level Two Curriculum Project:

Project Manager: Sara Pivac Alexander

Curriculum Developers: Sara Pivac Alexander, Lynette Pivac, Victoria Lessing, Susie Ovens, Josje Lelijveld (video scripts)

Illustrations: Shaun Fahey, Becky West

Quality Assurance team: Lynette Pivac, Rachel McKee, David McKee, Shona McGhie


Admin Assistant / Trial Coordinator: Nicki Morrison

Māori advisor: Rachel Walker

Advisory Group members: Lynette Pivac, Susie Ovens, Victoria Lessing, Josje Lelijveld, Rachel Walker, Shona McGhie, Pixie Neame

Material contributors: Pam Croskery, Jan Howard, Shona McGhie, Sara Pivac Alexander

Trial participants: Josje Lelijveld, Rachel Walker, Kelly Quirke, Victoria Lessing, Sara Pivac Alexander, Ursula Thynne


Filming: Merge NZ

Signers: Meghan Coppage, Cruze Kapa, Victoria Lessing, Benazir Black, Amanda Everitt, Shannon Morris, Zachary Best, Richard Peri, Tanesha Sleeman, Darryl Alexander, Sara Pivac Alexander

NZSL Coaches: Lynette Pivac, Victoria Lessing

Camerapersons: Greg Lessing, Anthony Cathala, Jared Flitcroft, Wendy Orellana

Video Editors: Juan Miguel Javier, Jaime Brown


Homework Quiz Developers: David McKee, Susie Ovens, Victoria Lessing, Sara Pivac Alexander

Transcribers / Proofreaders: Amanda Everitt, Catherine Greenwood, Bridgette Strid, Rohani Alexander

Graphics: Victoria Lessing

Website: Kirsten Morgan (SUTHERLANDesign)

Special gratitude goes to the New Zealand Sign Language Fund for supporting this project.