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Unit 15: Sugar

Fill in the gap quiz

Watch and fill in the gaps.

A: Did you know that sugar is really for you? .

B: Yes , it awful. I see a lot of drinking drinks, which contain a lot of .

A: You're . We know that it leads to decay. You know what's even ; I recently that there are a number of things that can affect children, when consuming too much sugar.

A: They can become , and are at risk of both and getting

B: Oh wow.

A: On top of that, children tend to have more , coughs, infections and sometimes ear infections, because it spreads from the nose to the ears.

A: Also, it's possible for some children to have to sugar.

B: Gosh, it makes me that it's not the children's , but actually their parents. They fill the , adding lollies and soft drinks. Children are not aware that it's a problem.

Last updated: 2/2/2021