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NZSL Level 1 (beginners)

Te Atatu Peninsula

Tuesday 16 March 2021 - Tuesday 11 May 2021

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

7 sessions

Course overview:
Unit 1: Meeting and Greeting

exchange greetings and make introductions
understanding simple class instructions
learn about the role of facial expression in NZSL
learn to get and give eyegaze before signing
learn to numbers 1-10
learn the alphabet, spell own name, ask for repetition

Unit 2: Our Class

identify people in the class
name language(s) they are learning
give and follow simple instructions and action commands
ask for clarification, correction and confirmation
ask and tell where something is in the class
use appropriate phrases for arriving late to class
use numbers for counting (0-20) and simple time phrases

Unit 3: Needs and Wants

name common food and drink items
make and respond to requests and offers for basic wants and needs
ask and tell locations of familiar objects / locations
express likes and disliks
understand basic signs about emergency exit procedures

Type of tuition: Class

Course category: NZSL Level 1

Tutor: Jeffrey Went
NZSLTA category: Qualified

Coordinator: Rutherford Community Education

Course cost: $95