Unit 11: Home Life

Learning Outcomes

At the end of unit 11, learners will:

  • talk about activities, food and things around the home
  • discuss home life and housework
  • describe personal experiences about mishaps in the home



Lesson 1

  1. Watch a video about Deaf home life e.g.
    Deaf family
    Deaf child in hearing family
    Deaf raising hearing children
  2. Consider how homes can be Deaf-friendly e.g. sightlines. Bring suggestions to next class.
  3. Do unit 11 quizzes below.




Lesson 2

  1. Watch a pasta salad recipe in NZSL on Deaf Wellbeing Society website.
  2. Describe your favourite pasta recipe. Use:
    • topic-comment structures e.g. give food then describe action
    • FINISH and/or THEN
    • end with a comment about the taste
  3. Do unit 11 quizzes below.


Lesson 3

  1. Work through some making request videos and workbook activities from NZSLTA’s old yellow video/DVD for students. These are still useful.
  2. Recall a small mishap in the home involving you and another person:
    • start your story with: me NEVER FORGET
    • include role shift
  3. Do unit 11 quizzes below.


Lesson 4

  1. Watch mishap stories:
  2. Film yourself signing a home mishap story.
  3. Do unit 11 quizzes below.


Last updated: 15/1/2021