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Unit 10: Describe and Identify People

Fill in the gap quiz

1. My brother, who is a , is tall and very thin, with and wavy hair.

2. My next-door neighbour is always and he never says "hello". He is very fat, has a very long and his clothes are .

3. My partner's mother has spiky hair, is of an average-size build, and always wears clothes. She looks like she is a woman, but actually she is a lovely, woman.

4. My grandfather, who has a moustache, has a tendency to be . My grandmother has hair, and she is very patient.

5. My son's small and . He's cute, and - he to laugh a lot.

6. That -haired woman wearing - she's my aunt. She has a strong with all family members. She keeps the family together.

Last updated: 20/1/2021