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Register now: NZSL teaching conference

This is New Zealand's premium sign language teaching conference. NZSLTA and AUT's interpreting course were set up in 1992, followed by Sign Language Interpreters Association (SLIANZ) and Victoria University's Deaf Studies Research Unit. We have come a long way so let's get together and celebrate 25 years of NZSL teaching, interpreting and development. Check out  www.signsofprofessionalism.co.nz

Early bird registrations are open now until 30th July. There is a special discount for NZSLTA members. Contact your local NZSL tutors branch asap to find out more. 



Units 1 and 2 updated


TeachSign has some exciting news - Units 1 and 2 have been updated! PowerPoint files, lesson plans, tutor guides and visual aids have been improved to make it easier for tutors to teach....

Programme released


Signs of Professionalism conference has released an exciting preliminary conference....

Registrations due


Signs of Professionalism conference registration closes end of July....

New video resource


A new video resource has been developed! NZSLTA held a number of TeachSign trainings late 2015 and throughout 2016....

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