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NZSL for families / relay training

Merge is providing workshops on teaching NZSL to families and teaching NZSL students about NZ Relay. See www.mergenz.co.nz/training-for-nzsl-trainers

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Conference: few places left!

The Signs of Professionalism conference organising committee is thrilled 250 spots have been filled. They've added a few more places. Don't miss out:www.signsofprofessionalism.co.nz 


New: Tutor trainings


You will note a new red button called "Trainings" above updates on the homepage....

New: class listings


Teachsign has added a new yellow button titled 'Students' on our homepage....

Units 1 and 2 updated


TeachSign has some exciting news - Units 1 and 2 have been updated! PowerPoint files, lesson plans, tutor guides and visual aids have been improved to make it easier for tutors to teach....

Programme released


Signs of Professionalism conference has released an exciting preliminary conference....

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