Project Team

This TeachSign website has been made possible by the TAB Book Project Committee.

This website consists of newly created materials and content to support NZSL teachers to teach Level One in community education. The TAB Book Project Committee and New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association supported the development of these projects. Special acknowledgement goes to Shona McGhie and Lynette Pivac on behalf of the TAB Book Project Committee for their key role in the initiation of TeachSign projects.

Project Leader Sara Pivac Alexander

TeachSign Logo

Graphic Artist Victoria Lessing
Advisors Lynette Pivac, Sara Pivac Alexander

TeachSign Website

Web Content Developer Sara Pivac Alexander
Web Designer/Developer Kirsten Morgan, SUTHERLANDesign
Advisors Lynette Pivac, Victoria Lessing, James Pole
Copy Editor Rohani Alexander
Video Editors Keethan Sundar, Mark Berry
Graphics EK Photography, Deafradio
Special Thanks MTG RM, AUT University, Victoria University of Wellington

Activity Sheets

Resource Developers Victoria Lessing, Susie Ovens
Illustrations Shaun Fahey
Advisors Sara Pivac Alexander, Lynette Pivac, Shona McGhie
Copy Editor Rohani Alexander


Resource Developers Susie Ovens (units 1-2, 4), Sara Pivac Alexander (units 3-9)
Illustrations Shaun Fahey
Graphics Victoria Lessing, Karishma Mohan, Hinal Keshav

Tutor's Guides (Units 1 & 2)

Resource Developer Susie Ovens
Special Thanks Sara Pivac Alexander, Shona McGhie, NZSLTA Executive Committee, Maureen Green, Catherine Greenwood, Kaye Bird
Copy Editor Rohani Alexander

Learning Outcomes

Project Leader and Writer Sara Pivac Alexander
Advisors Rachel McKee, Lynette Pivac, Victoria Lessing, Shona McGhie, Susie Ovens, Darryl Alexander

Special Thanks

Special acknowledgement and thanks go to all NZSL teachers who have contributed their materials, ideas and feedback on the development of these projects. Much gratitude and appreciation to Lynette Pivac for allowing us to adapt contents from the Handbook Guide for NZSL Tutors (TAB, first edition, 2005; NZSLTA, second edition, 2008) for the TeachSign website.

Also, special thanks to Darryl Alexander for his assistance with various TeachSign projects.