NZSL Grammar Book


"New Zealand Sign Language: A Reference Grammar" is now available in print version (from Feb 2018). The ebook was published in 2015. For more information, go to this link: http://bwb.co.nz/books/new-zealand-sign-language[http://bwb.co.nz/books/new-zealand-sign-language]

New: Tutor trainings


You will note a new red button called "Trainings" above updates on the homepage. TeachSign has just added a new page to list all related sign language teaching workshops and professional development. If you know of any more, please contact TeachSign so this list can be updated.

New: class listings


Teachsign has added a new yellow button titled 'Students' on our homepage. This has all the contacts you need to find out about NZSL learning in your area.

Units 1 and 2 updated


TeachSign has some exciting news - Units 1 and 2 have been updated! PowerPoint files, lesson plans, tutor guides and visual aids have been improved to make it easier for tutors to teach. These improvements are based on:

Programme released


Signs of Professionalism conference has released an exciting preliminary conference. There will be 3 streams on NZSL teaching, Deaf community and interpreting. Check out Signs of Professionalism website for further details about the programme: www.signsofprofessionalism.co.nz

Registrations due


Signs of Professionalism conference registration closes end of July. Make sure you don't miss out as this is going to be the biggest conference ever on NZSL teaching, development and research. There'll be some exciting presentations and workshops held over three days including a welcome night on Friday and dinner on Saturday night. Check out www.signsofprofessionalism.co.nz for more information.

Abstracts wanted


Eight months to go before we all meet at the Signs of Professionalism conference at AUT University on 24-26 November. The organising committee is calling all potential presenters to make a submission to present at this conference. We need you to share information and present the latest on NZSL teaching, interpreting and development. A Facebook page has also been set up - check out Signs of Professionalism and do click 'like' to be kept updated.

New video resource


A new video resource has been developed! NZSLTA held a number of TeachSign trainings late 2015 and throughout 2016. Many tutors wanted NZSL videos to translate some English phrases shown in TeachSign Units 1-9 PowerPoint files and expressive phrases in homework sheets.

Membership due


NZSLTA yearly membership is ending on 31st March 2017. If you would like to continue accessing TeachSign, do renew your membership in April. You'll be given one month to renew your membership. From 1st May, all non members access to TeachSign will be removed. Do continue giving your support to NZSLTA so you can access TeachSign, get conference updates and more.

Successful tutor PD


Congratulations NZSLTA! They've delivered 11 tutor training weekends nationwide to educate NZSL tutors on using the new TeachSign curriculum. These 11 workshops drew 124 participants and positive feedback were received. Sara Pivac Alexander, Victoria Lessing and Susie Ovens (creators of TeachSign) gave up several weekends to deliver these workshops nationwide. Throughout the trainings, feedback were given to improve TeachSign resources and these have been implemented.

New developments


Several TeachSign materials have been edited. Many thanks to all tutors who've given feedback on TeachSign resources. For a full listing, go to NZSL Teachers Hub on Facebook and see which materials have been updated. You need to be a NZSLTA member to access this hub.

Accessing TeachSign


Everyone can access the 'NZSL Teacher' section. Still want to access more sections e.g. Teach, Resources, Tips? First, you will need to join New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association (NZSLTA) as a member. It is only $30 a year. See www.nzslta.org.nz   

TeachSign Tutor Trainings


New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association successfully got a grant from the NZSL Board to provide NZSL tutor trainings nationwide. NZSLTA has completed several weekend trainings in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch focusing on units 1-6.

New Updates


Many thanks to tutors who've given us feedback on TeachSign. We've edited and improved some TeachSign materials. Want to know which materials? Go to NZSL Teachers Hub on Facebook and see announcement on 28th September. You'll need to be a NZSLTA member to join this group. Please continue to give your feedback so we can continue to improve TeachSign materials.

TeachSign Wins NZSL Champion Award


TeachSign Project team is very proud to win 'NZSL Champion Award' at the recent NZSL in Action Awards Gala. This dazzling event was held at Te Papa on Saturday 9th May at the conclusion of NZSL Week. Sara Pivac Alexander, Victoria Lessing and Shaun Fahey were present to receive the award on behalf of the team. In her speech, Sara spoke about the importance of having a Deaf-led team to make NZSL projects and initiatives happen. NZSL teachers need quality teaching resources (and training), and thus we have increased NZSL use and proficiency amongst the general NZSL student population.

NZSL level 1 curriculum is completed!


The TeachSign team is delighted to announce that units 6-9 is completed! Today marks a significant milestone in the history of NZSL teaching. NZSL teachers now have access to a comprehensive (full) NZSL level one curriculum to teach NZSL to adults anywhere in NZ. These resources can be adapted to meet NZSL student needs. There are 9 fantastic units, complete with PowerPoint files, 150+ activity sheets and more. All at your fingertips 24/7!

27 Assessment Samples Available


Want to create NZSL assessments? We've added 27 assessment samples for you to view and be inspired to create your own assessments for your class. 17 assessments are based on the old ASL Signing Naturally Units 1-12 and Units 13-17 curriculum. You could adapt these to match the new TeachSign Level One community education curriculum and share with us.

New Deaf Deaf World materials


Just new! We've created a range of Deaf Deaf World workshop materials for you to organise a workshop for NZSL students in your area e.g. PowerPoint, flyer, memo, note for organiser, score sheet, signs, workshop guidelines, logo. Just go to TeachSign > Resources > Other NZSL Teaching Resources > Deaf Deaf World.

NZSL Teachers Hub


Are you keen to network with other NZSL teachers around the country? All NZSLTA members can access the "NZSL Teachers Hub" Facebook group. Just type "NZSL Teachers Hub", make a request to join and the NZSL Teachers Association Administrator will check your membership status before allowing you to join.

Successful NZSLTA conference


The NZSLTA conference came and went, attracting a record number of participants from England, Australia and throughout NZ.

Website just launched!


Finally, a new era beckons. TeachSign is launched at the NZSLTA conference in Auckland.