New Deaf Deaf World Kits

3 September 2020

Local NZSL Tutors branches have organised Deaf Deaf World events for many years now. With funding from the NZSL Board, Deaf Deaf World resource kit was re-developed to ensure the high quality of these materials. Local branches (Northern Tutors branch, Central Tutors branch and Southern Tutors branch) have received a kit each for local events. Online copies of these resources are also on TeachSign website for members only. The kits include:

  • Booklet for organisers (18 pages)
  • Large A3 signs for 20 different shops with Te Reo, NZSL and English labels
  • Laminated cards for 20 shops (160 different items)
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Teadrop flag, pull up banner and table cloth
  • Tablecloths with DDW logos (and Communication Games logo on the back)
  • And large bag

The purpose of Deaf Deaf World event is to encourage local NZSL learners to become immersed in the Deaf world to understand what it is like to be Deaf person in a hearing world. It’s a well designed event where roles are reversed and Deaf tutors are "shop keepers". This event is highly recommended for parents and/or teachers working with Deaf children and work colleagues of Deaf people to come and have a positive and eye-opening experience.



NZSLTA and TeachSign are very proud to have these newly polished resources for local branches. Much gratitude to Merge NZ for leading work on this project to benefit NZSL teachers and learners nationwide, and to the NZSL Board for their continuing support with NZSL teaching and learning resources development. It is hoped more Deaf Deaf World events will be organised in smaller centres.