Application Forms

Trainee NZSL Tutor registration

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Ask two registered Qualified NZSL tutors (current NZSLTA members) to support your application. They need to send you a short video (max 30 secs) and sign:

  • Date (e.g. TODAY 24 MARCH 2020)
  • Their membership number (hint: go to their profile page on TeachSign website)
  • Recommend your name to become a Trainee NZSL Tutor. Give a good (very brief) reason

When you have two videos ready, click on Trainee form below.

Provisional / Qualified NZSL Tutor registration

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Make sure you collect all required documents before doing the form e.g:

  • Proof of NZSL teaching hours (e.g. letter from Course Coordinator)
  • Proof of tertiary qualification/s or papers studied e.g. Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL
  • Proof of professional development, courses, conferences attended (related to NZSL teaching to adults)

When you have these documents, click on Provisional/Qualified form below. Uncompleted applications will be returned to you.

Last updated: 8/3/2021