NZSL level 1 curriculum is completed!

29 January 2015

Today marks a significant milestone in the history of NZSL teaching. NZSL teachers now have access to a comprehensive (full) NZSL level one curriculum to teach NZSL to adults anywhere in NZ. These resources can be adapted to meet NZSL student needs. There are 9 fantastic units, complete with PowerPoint files, 150+ activity sheets and more. All at your fingertips 24/7!

Three years ago, Sara Pivac Alexander conducted a survey on NZSL level one teaching resource needs in NZ. Sara partnered with Victoria Lessing to carry out a scoping report  in late 2012 and work finally started in 2013.

Hands up to everyone involved in the TeachSign Project team. Also, significant thanks to TABPC for raising funds over many years to make this dream a reality for all.

Unit 9 will be released in May to encourage NZSLTA members to renew their memberships.

Below: TeachSign Project Team. Susie Ovens, Lynette Pivac, Sara Pivac (Project Leader), Victoria Lessing, Shona McGhie, Darryl Alexander, Karishma Mohan at the NZSLTA conference in July 2014.

TeachSign Project Team 2014