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New NZSLTA Executive Committee 2020 - 2022

11 September 2020

Hi everyone, this is an update from the NZSLTA Executive Committee.

In August we had a successful conference. Our newsletter will provide more details about this soon. At the conference, the new executive committee was elected at the BGM. We are happy to announce the new board.

  • Amber Tiopira-Waaka
  • Becky West
  • Candice David
  • James Anderson-Pole
  • Jaime Brown
  • Mike Alley
  • Peter Barker
  • Ruth Sullivan-Whyte
NZSLTA Executive Committee 2020-22

NZSLTA Executive Committee 2020-22

Congratulations to our new president James and Vice President Candice.

This weekend we all came to Wellington to have governance training. Thanks to the NZSL Board for providing this.

We also had our first executive meeting with the new board. We had a full day meeting with great discussions and talked about our areas of focus, our action points and got to know each other more.

We are excited for the future of NZSLTA and look forward to working with our members to support you in your NZSL teaching.