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New Level One Stories & Games Kit

15 December 2020

Communication Games

The NZSL Communication Games are a well-known event run by NZSLTA branches and tutors throughout New Zealand. Requiring a much-needed revamp, the TeachSign Level One project team has updated the logo and design materials, which are now available on the TeachSign website. These materials are also included in the previously announced Deaf Deaf World kits given to each of the NZSLTA branches (Northern Tutors branch, Central Tutors branch and Southern Tutors branch).

Go check out the Communication Games Resources here

communication games

TeachSign Level One Story Videos

Stories videoAs part of the re-development of the level one resources, 29 story videos have been filmed, edited and captioned, and are now available on the website. These videos will be used both in class by tutors, and for students to use as homework. The function to switch on and off the captions allows students to challenge themselves, while still being able to check their comprehension by watching the videos with the captions turned on. In addition to this, for the first time in history, these videos also include an interactive quiz, challenging the students to watch the videos and answer the related questions, testing their comprehension- all on the website! These story videos showcase and incorporate appropriate grammar aligning with each unit and the teaching focus within these. They will provide a consistent model of appropriate language and grammar use to student’s throughout New Zealand and will be an invaluable teaching tool for all tutors.

Go check out the Story Videos here


Acknowledgements for both projects

NZSLTA and TeachSign are very proud to have these story videos available for tutors to use nationwide. The updated Communication games materials will be a great asset for NZSLTA branches and tutors. Special thanks to those working on the project include David McKee (script writing), Lynette Pivac and Victoria Lessing (NZSL coaches), Miggy Javier (video editing), Kristen Sutherland (website), Keethan Sundar (design), Becky West (design) and Jaime Brown (captioning). Thanks to Merge NZ for leading work on this project and to the NZSL Board for their continuing support with the TeachSign NZSL resource development. We look forward to feedback on these resources and encourage all tutors to make good use of them.

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