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NZSL Level 2 Curriculum Training Completed!

6 April 2022

Since our last article in July 2021, we were fortunate to receive a large grant to complete all of our online sessions and face-to-face tutor workshops for 2021 and 2022 to NZSLTA registered members, especially those with experience in teaching NZSL Level 1.

We have achieved 15 online sessions focusing on grammar within NZSL Level 2’s curriculum and 9 face-to-face weekend workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to focus on the practical side of teaching the new curriculum.


Unit 13-15 in Wellington

Unit 13-15 in Auckland

Unit 13-15 in Christchurch

Unit 16 & 17 in Wellington

Unit 16 & 17 in Christchurch

Unit 16 & 17 in Auckland

While COVID did put a strain on a few of our face-to-face workshops, we thank those participants for being able to participate and for their patience.

Positive feedback has been received from a number of participants attending the weekend workshops:

“Excellent resources, programme to help us develop confidence + knowledge to teach NZSL Level 2”

“It was really great, enjoyed full workshop and feel it has given me more tools for future when allowed to teach Level 2”

“GREAT WORKSHOP. Well worth it for face to face”

“Fabulous course for two days - more activities and explain very well” 

“Everything. It was fun and enjoyable, I learnt a lot”

“Well organised. Sharing info in NZSL and giving feedback to tutors”

An overwhelmingly majority found the face-to-face workshops worthwhile, as indicated below:

Do you think this (face-to-face) training is valuable to help you understand the curriculum better so you can teach NZSL Level 2?

  • Yes: 36 (92.3%)
  • Neutral / not sure: 3 (8.3%)
  • No: 0

Has this (face-to-face) training made you feel confident to teach NZSL Level 2?

  • Yes: 35 (89.9%)
  • Neutral/not sure: 4 (11.1%)
  • No: 0


Message from participants of Unit 13 and 15 workshop

Message from the participants of Unit 16 and 17 workshop

ACE AotearoaNZSLTA acknowledges the financial support of Adult Community Education Aotearoa to make these trainings possible. These trainings are valuable because we have a new Level Two curriculum and NZSL tutors need to understand the curriculum in order to teach effectively.

NZSLTA also acknowledges the NZSL Board for their financial support to contract Shannon Morris as a Professional Development Coordinator to make these workshops a reality for many.


NZSLTA would like to acknowledge the people involved in this project:

Professional Development Coordinator: Shannon Morris

NZSLTA Administrator: Theresa Cooper

Workshop Trainer Lead: Sara Pivac Alexander

Face to Face Workshop Trainers: Rachel Walker, Susie Ovens, Lynette Pivac, Ursula Thynne, Sara Pivac Alexander, Nirvana May, Josje Lelijveld

Online Workshop Trainers: Nirvana May, David McKee, Lynette Pivac, Ursula Thynne

Workshop Volunteers: James Anderson-Pole, Monica Leach, Shannon Morris, Ruth Sullivan-Whyte

Workshop Materials Development: Tarsha Takarangi-Berry, Sara Pivac Alexander, Shannon Morris

IT Technician: Kirsten Morgan


Thank you to Auckland Deaf Society, Ko Taku Reo (Sumner campus) and Victoria University of Wellington for providing their venues.

Most importantly, thank you to all of the tutors and observers who participated in the workshops. We look forward to seeing tutors teach NZSL Level 2 in the future.