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NZSL Projects 2018 Update

6 July 2018

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) commissioned a group of NZSL tutors led by Sara Pivac Alexander, Lynette Pivac and Susie Ovens to work on a few projects from March to June. This work is completed and there are some exciting developments.


1. NZSL Tutors Survey

Thank you for doing the NZSL Tutors Survey 2018. Overall, there was high satisfaction with TeachSign resources and there were some suggestions for improvements. Click here for the report. This report was discussed at the Resources Advisory Group meeting on 15th June in Wellington and recommendations were made to improve NZSL Level teaching and learning resources. These recommendations have been presented to the ODI / NZSL Board.


2. NZSL Level Two Learning Outcomes

Exciting news, the long-awaited NZSL Level Two learning outcomes framework has been developed. An advisory group met in Wellington early April to brainstorm topics and learning outcomes. Click here to find out more about level two topics and learning outcomes.


3. Drawings Collection

TeachSign is thrilled to open up a drawings collection of over 2,000 drawings by Shaun Fahey. These drawings were done during the development of TeachSign Level one and NZSL for Families curriculum work. These drawings can be accessed by registered members in resourcesfolder.


4. Adapting TeachSign for Māori/Te Reo settings

Exciting developments for Māori NZSL tutors. Rachel Turner organised an advisory group meeting in Auckland at the end of March. Māori NZSL tutors and TeReo consultants looked at how TeachSign units 1-3 could be adapted for teaching in Māori/Te Reo settings. A proposal was presented to the Office for Disability Issues. This has been given the green light. Click here for more info.


5. TeachSign website upgrade

TeachSign has website has been running on an old version of Silverstripe (web content management programme). The website hasbeen transferred to a new version of Silverstripe and there are some minor improvements e.g. appearance and making it easier for webmasters to put information on the website. Special thanks to SUTHERLANDesign.