NZSLTA tutor trainings

13 June 2018

NZSLTA contracted Merge to deliver two types of tutor trainings in the last three months: introduction to NZSL teaching and TeachSign Units 1-3 workshops. These workshops were held in Dunedin, Christchurch and twice in Hamilton. The main aim is to recruit new/former NZSL tutors and hopefully increase the number of NZSL tutors nationwide. Maori Deaf was also given a priority, with a workshop organised for them in Hamilton.

NZSLTA also contracted Merge to create TeachSign Level One training kits for Northern, Central and Southern Tutor Branches. This means trainers don't have to carry kits everywhere and local branches can use these kits for local workshops and events.

NZSLTA acknowledges the financial support of the NZSL Board to make these trainings and kits a reality and Merge for their work to make these happen. These trainings are very important because there are not many opportunities for newcomers to learn about NZSL teaching face to face in a workshop setting.

Photo (top): Intro to NZSL teaching workshop for Maori tutors

Photo (mid): TeachSign Units 1-3 training in Hamilton, May 2018

Photo (bottom): TeachSign Units 1-3 training in Christchurch, 9th-10th June 2018