Membership for NZSL Teachers

Welcome to NZSL Teachers Association

We invite you to join NZSLTA so you can be a part of our NZSL teaching community. Membership is only for NZSL teachers.


  • NZSLTA news e.g. via emails & newsletters
  • Access to NZSLTA's "NZSL Teachers Hub" closed Facebook group
  • Discounted prices for conference, professional development, and workshops
  • Access to TeachSign website and some teaching resources**

** Non-certified members / members with no tutor registration can only access:

  • NZSL Level One Units 1-3
  • NZSL for Families Units 1-2 resources

Extra benefits for members that have tutor registration:

  • Full access to all TeachSign teaching resources
  • Free advertising of your NZSL teaching service/s
  • Inclusion in the NZSL Tutors Directory

Cost: It costs only $30 to join. The membership year is from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022. It doesn’t matter when you join, it will still cost $30.

Have you been a NZSLTA member in the past? Never accessed TeachSign website?

You will need to contact us to get log-in details so you can renew your membership.

Last updated: 24/6/2021