NZSLTA 2020-2022 Strategy Plan

Vision: Everyone values and uses New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in Aotearoa.

Mission: Grow and advance professional NZSL teachers who inspire learners.

Values: Leadership, Being Valued, Collaboration, Connection & Innovation.


Communication (including branding)

  1. Communicate our story to a wider audience (i.e. stakeholders) so we can lift our reputation for professionalism.
    Completed end 2023.
  2. Develop systems and policies for our brand management.
    Completed end 2022.


  1. Investigate feasibility of training tutors to teach online.
    Completed end 2022.

Organisational Development

  1. Develop clear portfolios for Board members including role descriptions.
    Completed early 2021.
  2. Clarify the roles of NZSLTA branches.
    Completed mid 2021.
  3. Seek appropriate funding so we can deliver our services including our website.
    Completed end 2021.
  4. Review our cyber security.
    Completed end 2021.
  5. Strengthen our collaborative relationships with specific partner organisations.
    Completed end 2022.

Professional Development

  1. Deliver at least 6 professional development workshops per year (in addition to Curriculum workshops). All to be accessible via zoom a well as local attendance.
    First programme completed end of 2021. Then every year thereafter.
  2. Provide tutor training for Level 2 Curriculum.
    Completed end 2021.
  3. Provide tutor training for Level 1 in Māori settings.
    Not Completed yet.
  4. Establish and roll out a mentoring programme.
    Not Completed yet.
  5. Deliver a Conference in Palmerston North.
    Completed mid 2023.


  1. Clarify the role of the RAP (Registration Advisory Panel) and implement relevant recommendations given by the RAP in 1 November 2019.
    Completed end 2021.
  2. Seek sustainable ways to fund RAP.
    Not Completed yet.
  3. Review the RAP system to take into account changes due to the mentoring programme and implement the necessary changes.
    Not Completed yet.
  4. Develop Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.
    Not Completed yet.

Long term priorities

Refine NZSL for Families Curriculum and Develop Level 3 Curriculum.

Priority Relationships

Members, NZSL Board, Partner Organisations, Subcontractors and Training Providers.


Last updated: 23/11/2022