Our People

The NZSLTA Executive Board is elected by the NZSLTA members at the BGM (every two years). The NZSLTA Executive Board meets regularly to discuss matters related to the management of NZSLTA.


NZSLTA Executive Board for 2022-2024

President - Candice David

Responsibilities: Finances and Conference

Qualification: Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL.

Teaching experience: Over 5 years of experience teaching NZSL in various settings: community education, hospitals, businesses/workplaces, and school & kindergartens. And provide NZSL courses for Deaf Aotearoa.


Vice President - Kirsten Morgan

Responsibilities: Website and Membership

Qualifications: Diploma of Computer Graphic Design, Diploma of Website Design and Diploma of Internet Technology. Partial completion of Certificate in Deaf Studies (DEAF801-803).

Teaching experience: No teaching experience but supporting NZSLTA and TeachSign. Over 20 years of experience as a Freelance Front-end Web Developer for SUTHERLANDesign.

Executive Committee - Mike Alley

Responsibilities: Central rep, Constitution and SGM / BGM

Qualifications: Science Degree. BFOR.SC. Teaching Diploma (Primary). Post Grad Teacher of the Deaf.

Teaching experience: 14 years with Van Asch Deaf Education Centre, Including Parent Workshops in NZSL, High School NCEA NZSL; Currently teaching NZSL Full Time with Freyberg High School.

Executive Committee - Terryn Agnew

Responsibilities: Professional Development (PD) and Southern Rep

Qualifications: Partial completion of Certificate in Deaf Studies (DEAF801-804).

Teaching experience: Community classes at Rising Holme and Riccarton High School. Taster classes and one-on-one private tutoring.

Executive Committee - Wendy Orellana

Responsibilities: Mentoring and Northern Rep

Qualifications: Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL. Diploma in Applied Interior Design. Bachelor of Spatial Design. Diploma of Graphic Design Communication.

Teaching experience: Ko Taku Reo - NZSL Tutor; Merge NZ for Administration / NZSL Tutor; Auckland of Deaf Society; Blockhouse Bay Community Centre - established my own NZSL class; AUT Centre for refugee education ECC - Deaf refugee.

Executive Committee - Eddie Hokianga

Responsibilities: Maori Rep

Qualifications: TBC

Teaching experience: TBC

NZSLTA Manager - Julianne Russ

Responsibilities: Communications, management and funding applications.

Qualification: TBC

Teaching experience: TBC

Life members: Lynette Pivac, Shona McGhie, David McKee, Josje Lelijveld

Deceased life members: Penny Went, Dennis Tod

Last updated: 29/3/2021