Tutor Registration System

NZSLTA has a tutor registration system. This system makes sure NZSL teachers have the skills and knowledge to teach NZSL in community education. All registered tutors are listed in the NZSL Tutors Directory. Employers and the public are highly encouraged to use registered tutors.

Who does the assessment?

NZSLTA has a Registration Advisory Panel (RAP). This panel has three members appointed by NZSLTA. They review applications and recommend the registry of members to specially appointed NZSLTA Executive Committee members.

RAP members are volunteers. It will take up to 2 months for your application to be reviewed. You will receive a letter from RAP with their decision.

You can apply for tutor registration by filling a form. This form is available when you log in this website as an NZSLTA member. Please check the last page on the application form. Tick all the documentations are requested and remember to attach them when emailing. Uncompleted applications will be returned to you. Please email and upload your application at Contact RAP.

RAP system is currently being reviewed. There will be some changes to RAP information and categories this year.

Last updated: 23/5/2019