Preparing to register

Read the information below if you are ready to apply for registration.

Before you apply

This page outlines what you will need to prepare everything before you can apply for Trainee registration or Provisional / Qualified registration.

Do check out Registration Categories page to understand what you apply for.

If you wish to apply for Provisional / Qualified registration, you will need to be registered as a Trainee member first.


Update your documents from time to time

Sign in as a current NZSLTA member to access the form below.

We encourage you to collect all the NZSL-related documentation before you start to apply for provisional or qualified registration:

  • NZSL Teaching hours
  • Qualifications
  • Professional Development hours


Apply for Trainee NZSL Tutor registration

Sign in as a current NZSLTA member to access the form below.

Ask two registered Qualified NZSL tutors (current NZSLTA members) to support your application. They need to send you a short video (max 30 secs) and sign:

  • Date (e.g. TODAY 24 MARCH 2020)
  • Their membership number (hint: go to their profile page on TeachSign website)
  • Recommend your name to become a Trainee NZSL Tutor. Give a good (very brief) reason

Ready to apply?

When you have two videos ready, click on Trainee form below.

Uncompleted application will be returned to you.


Want to become Provisional?

Are you currently a trainee tutor and wanting to learn how you can move up to Provisional?

Watch the video below on how to prepare everything you need to apply for Provisional.


Learn how to use the online registration forms

Tips on how to enter your information and upload your files. We encourage you to watch the videos in the Registration Process & how to page.


Apply for Provisional / Qualified NZSL Tutor registration

Sign in as a member (only Trainee, Provisional & Qualified) to access the form below.

Make sure you collect all required documents before doing the form e.g:

  • Proof of NZSL teaching hours (e.g. letter from Course Coordinator)
  • Proof of tertiary qualification/s or papers studied e.g. Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL
  • Proof of professional development, courses, conferences attended (related to NZSL teaching to adults)

Ready to apply?

When you have these documents, click on Provisional/Qualified form below.

Uncompleted application will be returned to you.


What happens after I submit my application?

  • you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application
  • we will contact you if we require further details to complete your application
  • as we process applications in the order we receive them you may not hear from us until you are registered
  • you will receive an email letter informing you of the outcome of your application


Good to know

  • Your photo can be viewed in NZSL Tutor Directory (only Provisional & Qualified).
  • Your evidence files will be stored into your profile page.
  • Remember to keep updating your documents here from time to time.
Last updated: 27/2/2022