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New to NZSL Teaching?

NZSL teaching is an exciting and rewarding job. You will meet lots of people and raise the profile of NZSL in your area.

Quiz Yourself

Ask yourself the questions below and decide if NZSL teaching is for you.

  • Are you fluent in NZSL?
  • Are you involved with your local Deaf community?

If yes to both, then read on.

  • Do you relate well to people?
  • Do you have a warm personality and good attitude?
  • Are you good at listening and understanding people’s needs?
  • Do you like learning? Is motivated to study?
  • Are you well organised?

If you said yes to most of these, then it looks like NZSL teaching is for you!

Sharing Experiences

These Deaf NZSL teachers will tell you why they love teaching NZSL.

Getting Started

The 10 steps below gives you an idea how to get started.

  1. Explore
    Observe an NZSL class. Ask the teacher/tutor questions.
  2. Join
    Become an NZSLTA member. Learn about the tutor registration system.
  3. Train
    Do the Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL course.
  4. Understand
    Look through 'Arrange a Class' and 'Teaching NZSL' on this website.
  5. Set up
    Arrange a class.
  6. Prepare
    Look through resources. Make lesson plans and teaching materials.
  7. Practice
    Think about how you'll explain activities and resources.
  8. Teach
    Happy teaching! Enjoy new challenges.
  9. Reflect
    Think how you can make your teaching better.
  10. Upskill
    Continue doing professional development. Share with others.

Sharing Experiences

These people will tell you a part of their journey of becoming an NZSL teacher.

Last updated: 28/6/2021