First online tutor training

24 May 2019

NZSL tutors live in various locations all over New Zealand and it is a challenge to have regular tutor trainings to upskill our teaching and knowledge. Merge NZ came up with an idea to set up webinars for NZSL tutors and was successful in getting some funding. Susie Ovens, an experienced trainer, delivered the first webinar to a limited, small group of seven new tutors who have never taught NZSL before. This group included four from Auckland, one from Hamilton, one from Wellington, and one from New Plymouth. Only up to eight tutors can join because it works better to have a smaller group on screen. Online tutor trainings are very different from face-to-face trainings and some new tutors asked great questions.

The next webinar will be held on 5th June and altogether 11 tutors have registered. This course is now closed, and there are six registered for 24th July. There are still few spaces left. Merge NZ will evaluate these online courses and if successful, they will continue to offer similar courses in the future. If you have any feedback, please contact Victoria Lessing, Merge NZ Director, at