NZSL for Families

17 June 2018

A team of NZSL tutors at Auckland Deaf Society worked on adapting TeachSign Level One materials and also developed new resources to make NZSL learning suitable for families with children. This was made possible with support from the NZSL Board in 2016. Further work was done by Merge NZ to improve those resources during 2018.

These resources are suitable for NZSL Mentors teaching NZSL to families and cover 20 weeks of learning at 1.5 hour per lesson. Victoria Lessing, leader of this project, explains it is ideal to have two NZSL Mentors teaching both groups, one for adults and one for children in the same room that is large enough. The PowerPoint slides are suitable for adults. PowerPoint slides for children are yet to be developed, which is dependent on available funding.

All NZSLTA members can access units 1 - 2. Only fully qualified and provisionally qualified tutors can access units 3 - 7. Registration information can be found here.